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Bill Phillips
Bill is the creator of the incredibly successful Body-For-Life Program. He’s been in the industry for over a decade and helped millions of people change their lives. His first book “Body-For-Life: 12 Weeks To Mental And Physical Strength” became a New York Times Best Seller, and stayed on the list for over 7 years. Not only that, Bill was also the CEO for EAS (A popular performance nutritional supplement company), founder of MM2k magazine, and was business partners with the creator of MET-RX (meal replacement supplement.)

Ryan Lee
Ryan is the godfather of fitness marketing and is a serial entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people build successful fitness business and create great products. He’s given a lot of people on this list their start, and helped them to build six and seven figure businesses. Although Ryan no longer works specifically in the sports and fitness market his influence can still be felt. His reach touches everywhere a fitness entrepreneur is learning how to market and build a business.

John Spencer Ellis
John an entrepreneur at heart, is another guy who has been in the fitness industry for quite a while. He’s produced training, educational, and coaching programs since the early 90′s. John is the founder of NESTA (National Exercise And Sports Trainers Association), International Triathlon Coaching Association, The Spencer Institute For Life Coaching, and the newer MMA Conditioning Association. He is also one of the first to create a fitness boot camp franchise (Adventure Boot Camps). With the rest of his time he is philanthropist, serves on multiple advisory boards, and is an endurance athlete.

Pat Rigsby
In just a short time Pat has become one of the top guys to go to when you are trying to build a successful sports or fitness business. He is acoach and mentor to multiple six and seven figure fit biz owners. Along with consulting, Pat is the co-owner/ co-creator of at least a dozen businesses in the sports and fitness industry. Even turning some of them into industry game changers, such as the franchise Athletic Revolution.

Nick Berry
Nick is one helluva guy, and a great businessman. As one of the partners in the fitness consulting group (with Pat Rigsby – see above) he’s gone from one business to over a dozen. In doing so, Nick has played a key role in the fitness industry by helping to build businesses that transform thousands of fitness professionals lives. Just some of the businesses he’s been involved in besides the fitness consulting group are the IYCA, and Athletic Revolution.

Bedros Keulian
Bedros Keulian is one of those classic rags to riches stories. He came to the US with his parents when he was young, having no money, and living a life that was a struggle at times. But over the years Bedros turned his life around dramatically. He now owns one of the most successful fitness consulting businesses in the industry and is the coach and mentor to dozens of six and seven figure fitness entrepreneurs. Not only that he is also the co-owner of Fit Body Boot Camp, the largest fitness boot camp program in the world.

Steve Hochman
Steve Hochman has made a name for himself in the industry focusing on fitness boot camps. He has a super successful training business, but it wasn’t until he took 7 boot camps to the six figure level in less than a year where he really started to dominate. He partnered up with Bedros Keulian and launched the Fit Body Boot Camp Licensing program that gives others the step by step method of how to create multiple six figure boot camps.

Chris McCombs
Chris is another guy who overcame some crazy obstacles when he was younger to now being one of the most successful in the industry. He started a personal training business and quickly took that to the six figure level. As he progressed he learned how to delegate and outsource most of the tasks in his business giving him time to focus his efforts online. Chris is the one who’s made blogging popular in the fitness industry, and has taken his blog to right around 7 figures level.

Jennifer Nicole Lee
Jennifer starting with a super motivational weight loss success story, had transitioned into a fitness model, and is now a millionaire mogul in the fitness industry. She has built a global empire by helping and inspiring thousands of people. She’s the partner, co-creator, and designer for the Ab Circle Pro, author and creator of “The Mind, Body, & Soul Diet,” and the Mind Body And Soul Program, and has set a record at HSN (Home Shopping Network) by selling over 17,000 Ab Circle Pros in under 6 hours.

Eric Ruth
Here’s a guy who has been in the industry for over a dozen years, and helped thousands of trainers learn how to build their personal training businesses. He’s created multiple fitness marketing products and he’s the guy you turn to when it comes to direct response marketing. A top copywriter himself, he’s been able to generate millions of dollars in revenue for fitness pros who follow his systems. In partnering up with Sean Greeley (see below) he’s helped to a create multi million dollar empire.

Sean Greeley
Sean (who has partnered up with Eric Ruth) is another guy who has success written all over him. In only three short years he built his own successful fitness business. In that short time he built it to over 650 clients. Since then he’s partnered up with Eric Ruth (see above) and helped to build a multi million dollar company helping other fit pro’s build their own kick ass fitness businesses.

Greg Justice
Greg is an icon in the personal training industry. He’s now had his business for over 25 years and personally trained over 40,000 one-on-one clients. Greg has also become the top person to go to when it comes to running corporate fitness programs. He shows others how to set up a corporate program so that it can add an extra revenue stream into a trainers business. Many times having these fitness entrepreneurs add an easy five to six figures to their bottom line.

Kaiser Serajuddin
Kaiser is a fitness entrepreneur who’s absolutely hustled his ass off to become a big player in the industry. He started out running a personal training program out of another gym, and grew that into eventually having his own successful facility in one of the toughest markets in the world. New York City. He is also the owner of the popular blog where he helps other fitness entrepreneurs start their own businesses and take it to a six figure level. Having success with his blog, Kaiser is nowventuring back into running his own studio again.

Jim Labadie
Want to talk about a guy who loves what he does. Then Jim is it. After realizing that a job in the tech world wasn’t for him, he moved to Florida, opened his own in-home personal training business, and killed it. Eventually having several trainers work for him, he focused on building the biz to an elite level. Then one day he realized exactly what he was put here to do. And that is help other fitness pros become successful. From there he partnered up with some of the biggest names in the industry to create a dominant business, and has even become the CEO for Prograde Nutrition. One of the top nutritional supplement companies in the industry.

Craig Ballantyne
Craig Ballentyne is the one and only creator of Turbulence Training. He’s an entrepreneur who’s developed multiple products for people to get in amazing shape and also to build an incredible online business. Craig is also known as being extremely disciplined and accomplishing more in a day than most of us do in a week. Because of the discipline and success, Craig also helps others create successful online products and businesses. From this, he’s taken his biz to over 7 figures a year.

Alwyn Cosgrove
Alwyn is one of the best strength and conditioning/ fitness trainers in the world. For over fifteen years he’s trained thousands of people to get incredible results. But he hasn’t only seen results for his clients, he seen success for himself. Alwyn is also a successful author, contributor to Men’s Health, an in-demand speaker, and claims to have the “most successful fitness facility in the country,” (per square foot). So if you want to learn how to build a solid fitness business, then definitely follow what Alwyn is doing.

Joel Marion
Joel’s an entrepreneur who first started out being known as a Body For Life Champion. He then created the international best seller The Cheat To Lose Diet. On the business side of things he has the reputation for having insanely successful info product launches. His first product launch brought in over $300,000 in revenue. From there he has taken that up a notch and broken the million dollar level. One of his most successful launches created $1.4 million to be exact. And he did it in only 4 days.

Isabel De Los Rios
Isabel has become a well known exercise specialist and nutritionist throughout the world. She is the creator of the world famous Diet Solution Program, and is also the owner of New Body Center for Fitness And Nutrition. Through her program and center she has nowhelped over 30,000 people lose weight and get into amazing shape. Because of her tremendous success helping people she has built a killer business by positioning herself as the “it” person when it comes to fat burning nutrition.

Mike Boyle
Mike is the Michael Jordan of the strength and conditioning world. Over the years he has worked with every type of athlete from youth all the way up to professional and Olympic athletes. He is an entrepreneur who has built his business and reputation by getting incredible results for his clients, and speaking to thousands of other entrepreneurs and coaches on how to do the same. When it comes to building a better athlete Mike is the guy to turn to.

Lee Taft
If you’ve ever worked with an athlete on improving speed and agility then chances are you will turn to Lee for advice on how to do it right. Lee who is known as the “speed guy” has built a career in the small niche of speed and agility. He’s worked with athletes from all levels, and created a killer business for himself by just helping athletes move better. He also spends time educating coaches and other sports entrepreneurs on how to build a better athlete and business.

BJ Gaddour
BJ has become one of the leading fitness boot camp guru’s in the industry. He built a six figure boot camp in a short period of time and is now showing others how to do the same. He’s creating products and tools for boot camp owners such as the boot camp automator to make their lives easier. BJ is also the co-creator of workout muse. This is a product the delivers beat driven music that is timed so that personal trainers, and coaches can automate their workouts and deliver better results to their clients without having to watch a clock.

Scott Colby
Scott is one of the first people to popularize boot camps. He was able to build a successful six figure boot camp and be one of the first to do it in the fitness industry. Scott also runs a very successful online business, and has developed a new fitness business model that is based on vacation adventures. Always a pioneer, Scott is one to watch to see what direction the industry is headed.

Zach Even-Esh
Zach is one of those guys that you just knew was going to be successful. He hustled his ass off building his underground strength business while working full time as a teacher. He eventually left his teaching job not only to focus on his business, but also because he was making more in his business then he was as a teacher. Zach is one of the most passionate people in the industry and does things so differently that you just have to pay attention to everything he is doing.

Dustin Maher
In only two short years Dustin has grown his empire to the multiple six figure level. Going from $8,000 per month to now making over $50,000 per month. He is one of the top experts with fitness boot camps, and also working with moms. Some of the other areas where he’s dominated is in gaining media exposure, and selling a ton of his own DVD’s and fitness products. He constantly is tapped by others in the industry to help build their businesses.

Dax Moy
Being one of the only people on the list who lives overseas makes no difference when it comes to success. In his past life Dax was a former soldier and bodyguard. Now he is the leading personal trainer and fitness expert in the UK. He has built a tremendous business, and now is playing a role in taking the entire personal training industry to higher standards. He’s doing this through programs, public speaking, books, and super camps (for biz building). All of which is making an impact and taking his business to the next level.

Valerie Waters
Valerie has a very unique niche. She has become the fitness trainer to the stars, training many of the most well known celebrities out there. She’s constantly in the media, appearing on major network TV stations, and regularly being featured in top publications. Not only that but she has developed one of the most successful fitness products in the industry. The Valslide. Two simple pieces of plastic with foam on top that make it easy slide your arms or legs around on the floor, for a killer workout. This simple product and her reputation for getting famous clients great results has grown her own business exponentially. She is well respected and liked by everyone in the fitness industry.

Brian Grasso
Brian has almost single handedly changed the youth fitness market,and in doing so created a hugely successful business for himself. Originally creating the IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association) his focus is to change the way parents, coaches, and trainers work with kids. Educating them on how to develop a well rounded youth athlete, and keep kids in shape. Battling old school methods and ideas, Brian has overcome these obstacles and has now earned the respect of the top leaders in the industry.

Holly Rigsby
Holly is an awesome women who has had success and fame by becoming the fat loss expert for the busy mom. She’s built an incredible business by focusing on helping moms who don’t think they have the time to get their pre-baby bodies back. Holly has personally developed programs that work for her after having two kids. The interesting thing about Holly and her program Fit Yummy Mummy, is that she has created an unbelievable following of fans who live and breathe everything that she does. On a side note, she is also married to Pat Rigsby (see above).

Paul Reddick
Working in a really small niche, Paul Reddick has become the go to guy to help baseball pitchers improve their performance. Getting incredible results by running different programs, camps, and online products has helped him to build a hugely successful business. Not only has he helped improved the success of athletes, but he also focuses on helping athletes get to college and the major leagues.

Robert Dos Remedios
Best selling Author, Coach Dos Remedios is viewed as one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the industry. Working with athletes for over 20 years he’s grown his reputation for getting incredible results. He’s become an in-demand speaker, contributor to Men’s Health, 2006 NSCA Coach of The Year and one helluva cool guy. Finally getting into how he has done all of this, he’s created a solid business for himself, and is definitely one to watch.

Juan Carlos (JC) Santana
JC being a self proclaimed “fitness maverick,” is one of the most sought after consultants, speakers, and authors in the industry. He’s worked with all levels of ability from youth up through professional athletes. He’s built a business providing incredible results to everyone he works with Including huge government agencies such as the FBI. His facility IHP (Institute of Human Performance) is constantly ranked as one of the top training facilities in the world.

Pat Beith & Latif Thomas
Pat and Latif are co- owners of Athletes They are known for bringing one of the first all-encompassing speed and agility products to market online (Complete Speed Training). By doing this they changed the model of how to sell these types of training products. Most speed and agility products were basic and selling between $19 and $39. With their first product they included everything and took a risk by selling it for almost $200. By their sixth month in business they were doing $20,000 per month, and helping to revolutionize how to train correctly for speed and agility.

Kevin Gianni
Did you ever think someone could have a 7 figure business in the raw foods niche? Well Kevin Gianni has. He’s taken a “alternative” market that is expanding rapidly and positioned himself as the person to go to when it comes to raw foods and health. He’s done it by generating amazing content, surveying his market, and really caring about the people he is educating. Just by following these simple steps he’s got a mega health business, in an alternative market, that generates 7 figures.

Eric Cressey
Eric is a guy who has exploded onto the strength and conditioning scene. He’s made one helluva name for himself in only a few short years. Not only is he one of the best in the industry, he’s also killing it with his business. He’s got his own facility which is jam packed, he’s an author, created many successful products, and he does quite a bit of consulting, online training and seminars. What is even more interesting is that he has done this all before the age of thirty.

Mike Robertson
Mike is one of the best elite performance coaches in the industry. He’s been involved for over 10 years, but in the last few alone he’s been killing it with his athletes and his business, Robertson Training Systems. In 2008 Mike partnered up with Bill Hartman (see below) and he opened the IFAST ( Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training) facility. By 2009, the facility was named one of the top 10 gyms in the USaccording to Men’s Health.

John Berardi
John, having a constant appetite for learning how the the body works, and how nutrition effects everything, put himself through some mega schooling. From this he became one of the renown experts in nutrition. Now a PhD, he is also the one of the founders of the top nutrition programs in the world. The Precision Nutrition System. He and his team have taken this program and grown it to a community of over 50,000 clients in 100 countries.

Jason Ferrugia
Jay is one of the leading authorities when it comes to strength and conditioning for athletes. He’s been in the industry for 15 years and is the owner of the famous Renegade Strength Gym. He has trained more than 700 athletes, written numerous training books and articles for top publications, and is the chief training adviser for Mens Fitness Magazine. Not only that, he is an in-deman lecturer and media consultant.

Vince Delmonte
Vince is the expert when it comes to showing skinny guys (and girls) how to put on muscle fast. He’s the creator of the popular online product known as No Nonsense Muscle Building. By helping so many skinny people bulk up, he’s created a super successful business for himself. From his success, he’s also been able to partner up with a lot of the top pros on this list and help others find success by building their own businesses.

Alex Maroko
Alex Burst onto the scene a few years back with his first basketball training product. What is amazing is that he put together a list of affiliates, re-designed his product, sold it on his first launch and made more than $20,000. After that he updated everything, created membership sites, developed more products, and now has a six figure online business. He is definitely someone to watch and learn from. Especially when it comes to hustling and getting things done.

John Romaniello
John is a fit pro who claims he is only a 5.8 on the “bad ass” scale. But he’s a 10 when it comes to being a top fitness entrepreneur. From running a training biz where he worked with athletes to general fitness clients he’s found a ton of success. John is one of the top writers for some of the top online and print publications such as Men’s Health, T-Nations, and Livestrong, and he’s the creator o fFinal Phase Far Loss, where he found a way to be different and stand out from all other fat loss products.

Curtis Mock
Curtis is known as one of the smartest guys in the biz when it comes to building a profitable business. Especially with gyms and health clubs. He’s managed, owned and consulted for facilities all over the US. Always innovating, and looking to help more, he is the creator of the popular site, and also emerging as a leader in the fitness industry with mobile marketing software.

Pavel Tsatsouline
When you think Kettlebells think Pavel. He’s the guy that made the cannon balls with handle’s popular in the United States. Originally from Belarus, he was a trainer and drill instructor for the Spetnatz (Soviet Special Forces). Eventually coming to the U.S. he’s now taken the kettle bell into the main stream. He is also a successful author, creator of dozens of products, and runs one of the top Kettlebell certification programs. The RKC.

Mike Geary
Mike has made a million dollar online business for himself by becoming an expert in one area. That is, “abs.” His original ebook “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” has become an international best seller according to clickbank. He is also the creator of the popular busy man fitness DVD’s. He is a contributing author for Muscle & Fitness Magazine, and Oxygen magazine. What is interesting about Mike is that it actually took him years before his e-book took off. He created The Truth About Six Pack Abs, but had to learn the hard way how to market it. Once he did, the rest is history.

Bill Hartman
Bill being one of the foremost experts in the industry, and also considered one of the smartest, has made a name for himself by becoming the go to guy when it comes to rehab, and corrective exercise programming. Bill is an author for Men’s Health, a partner with Mike Robertson (see above) in one of the top 10 facilities in the country, and worked with other big names in the strength and conditioning industry such as Eric Cressey (See Above).

Marc Lebert
If you’ve been in the industry for a few years now, and already own your own business then you’ve probably heard of the Lebert Equalizer. Well, as the name of the product says, Marc is the creator of this, the Lebert Buddy System, and Lebert Stretch Strap. Marc, a trainer, and a club owner (Fuel Fitness) decided he wanted to grow. So he came up with the idea for the Equalizer. He had it developed, patented, and marketed the hell out of it. Ultimately turning the product into a million dollar business.

Randy Hetrick
If you don’t know who Randy is then you will probably know what is famous for creating. That is the TRX Suspension Trainer. Randy was a former Navy Seal, who came up with the idea for TRX out of necessity. The prototype originally was made out of parachute webbing, which he hand-stitched together by tools used to repair boats. From there Randy created the business Fitness Anywhere, and turned it into a million dollar empire.

Greg Glassman
When it comes to building a business that creates an incredible following Greg is probably the top guy. He took his methods of training and turned it into what we now know as Crossfit. The program has die hard fans, and the business has grown from having 18 affiliated gyms in 2005 to over 1,800 in 2010. With the culture and success that Greg has created with Crossfit, the business will continue to expand exponentially.

Alberto Beto Perez
What’s one of the biggest fitness crazes you can think of that’s exploded in popularity? It’s not crossfit, kettlebells, or even anything similar. It’s Zumba. Alberto is the creator of the Zumba program. As story has it, he created the program by accident because he forgot his regular music for his classes. His new program caught on so fast that he along with two partners have a worldwide movement. There are over 30,000 Zumba instructors, and he’s sold millions of DVD’s.

Dave Parise
Dave is credited as being one of the top 20 personal trainers in America, and has been inducted into the National Fitness Hall Of Fame. But it is not just the training that he is good at. He is also called the “Trainers Trainer,” helping to educate over 5,000 professionals. Dave owns one of the most successful private training studios in the country, and has written and sold thousands of copies of his own publications. He is a writer for major publications such as Men’s Fitness, I.D.E.A, and Golf Digest, and has been featured in large media outlets such as the New York Times.

Leigh Peele
Leigh makes this list for a different reason. Unlike many of the people on here who have their own offline business or consulting program, she makes it because she is dominating the fat loss industry online for women. She connects by being the opposite of most fitness pros out there, and “aides women to navigate away from their neurotic and wrongly educated storm.” Being interviewed and featured in many of the top blogs and magazines is a testament to how she is killing it in the online fitness world.

Mike Roussell
Mike is known for being one of the top nutritionists in the business. Many of the top people on this list refer to mike when it comes to dialing in the nutrition for their own clients. MIke also serves a huge range of people and clients from athletes to business professionals, and is also an accomplished writer. Writing for many of the large publications, and also for some of the top websites such as He’s the creator of the popular Warp Speed Fat Loss program, Naked Nutrition Insider, and other successful info products.

Joe DeFranco
Joe is on the list because he is the pioneer for the hardcore warehouse style gyms that have now become familiar throughout the country. He’s built a huge business by simply improving athletic performance and doing it differently than most of the others that are out there. His gym has been featured on Spike TV, the documentary “Strong,” and is ranked as one of Americas 10 Best Gyms. Oh, and he is consistently booked working with top athletes and helping them get into the pros.

Jonathan Fields
Now if some of you know about Jonathan Fields you may be asking why is he on this list? Simple, he owned and operated a fitness and yoga business a few years back. With both businesses he absolutely crushed it. The yoga business “Sonic Yoga,” actually turned into one of the highest grossing studios in the country. And he did it in the most competitive market in the world, New York City. Eventually selling the interests in both businesses, he decided to take what he learned from them and help entrepreneurs. One of the ways he does that is through his best selling book, Career Renegade.

Tony Horton
As most of you know, Tony was the co-creator of Power90, Power Half Hour, and P90x. P90x being the multi-million dollar info productthat we’ve all seen on TV. In conjunction with Beachbody Inc. Tony develop the 90 day workout segment for P90x. As of the end of 2010, three million copies of P90x have been sold. Generating well over $400 million dollars in revenue.

Dave Schmitz
Dave has made the list because he’s taken a product and created a mini empire around it. Known in the fitness industry as the “band man”, he focuses his entire business around Reactive Resistance Band Training. He’s been able to help personal trainers, coaches, athletes, and the general public get amazing results by using resistance bands. He’s definitely positioned himself as an expert when it comes to resistance bands.

Rachel Cosgrove
Rachel is one of the best in the business when it comes to teaching women fitness enthusiasts and athletes. She is the author of the best selling book, Female Body Breakthrough, columnist for Womens’ Health Magazine, and is Co- owner of Results Fitness along with Alwyn Cosgrove (See Above). Where Rachel also succeeds is in helping other fitness professionals build a successful business and career for themselves.

Carlo Alvarez
Carlo is one of the guys who built his reputation in the strength and conditioning industry by working with some top notch programs. From the University of Notre Dame to the Cleveland Indians. From there he founded Ethos Athletics, one of the top sports performance training companies in the country. He’s also consulted and worked with some of the largest corporations out there, such as Nike.

Zach Hunt
Zach has created a killer fitness training business that he’s built by focusing the majority of his marketing efforts using the internet. He completely dominates his local market from using the internet, and has a constant flow of new clients. This has led to an almost completely automated business, where he now oversees the the business. He’s also become a consultant/coach to other fitness pros in the industry on how to take their business to the six and seven figure level.

Ben Greenfield
Ben is another guy who is killing it in the fitness industry. What’s cool about what Ben is doing is that he is not just focusing on fat loss. He has also become one of the top experts in serving the triathlon niche. He focuses on purely what he is passionate about and goes at 110% until he has achieved success. From having multiple facilities, to online products, to helping others grow their fitness business, Ben is a guy to model if you want to be successful.

Todd Durkin
Todd is absolutely crushing it. Not only is he one of the best in the industry, his gym is also ranked one of the top 10 in the nation. He’s built an incredible business and reputation for himself. Todd has worked with dozens of pro athletes from the NFL to the MLB, to Olympic athletes. He has also appeared on some of the largest TV programs and publications that exist. From 60 minutes to ESPN The Magazine, there is no stopping what Todd will come up with in the future. He’s so successful that he now offers mentorship programs to fit pros who want to model his success.

Chris Poirier
Chris is on the list because he is the man behind one of the most successful fitness and sports businesses on the planet. Perform Better. Chris’s role in the industry is so important that if it wasn’t for him and Perform Better Tour, then a lot of people who are mentioned here wouldn’t be where they are today. Chris realized that there was a need for education for trainers and coaches, and took an opportunity from Bill Falk of MF Athletic to create an incredible business. One that helps everyone in the industry.

Charles Poliquin
Charles is one of the world’s top strength coaches. Like a few other people on the list he is a highly sought after expert who’s trained professional athletes and Olympians. What sets him apart is that he had the entrepreneurial mind to help others by creating the P.I.C.P (Poliquin International Certification Program). This is an international program where he has certified coaches in over 50 different countries. To top it off, he has his own supplement line, with over 100 different products.

Mark Verstegen
A leader when it comes to athletic performance. Mark is an innovator who has taken many athletes to the top level. Mark is the founder of the famous International Performance Institute, Director of Performance for the NFL Players Association, and is a successful author, writing five books. Among other things he is the President of his ultra-successful business Athletes’ Performance, which is responsible for training some of the worlds top athletes.

Bill Parisi
When it comes to speed and fitness business experts, Bill Parisi is one on the top names. He is the founder of Parisi Speed School, and one of the originators in the youth training industry. Opening his original speed school in 1992, it grew into a monster business. By 1996 he had the highest grossing club per square foot in the country. Opening multiple facilities and eventually taking his speed school and franchising it in 2005, he has grown the business into having over 65 facilities in 27 states.

Chris Mohr

www.mohrresults.comChris has made the list because he is a nutrition superstar. From consulting with huge media outlets and corporations, to working with the Cincinnati Bengals, Chris has made a huge name for himself. His business is focused on providing incredible nutrition advice to anyone wants to improve their lives. Not only has he made a name for himself through consulting, but he’s on the advisory board of Men’s Health, and was even the nutrition expert on the NY Times Best Seller “LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout.

Cabel McElderry
Cabel is another guy who’s made quite a name for himself. Like most trainers he started out training hundreds, then thousands of people. Not happy with the typical gym setup, he launched a personal training studio in 2007. Here’s where it gets crazy. In just a few years, this studio is bringing in over 7 figures, and has given him the opportunity to help other fit pros build a successful business.

Jayson Hunter
Jayson is another top nutritionist that the top pros in the industry turn to for advice. He is well respected throughout the fitness industry, and is the creator of the popular carb rotation diet. Along with that, Jayson is the face of Prograde Nutrition. One of the top supplement companies around. He’s built a successful business providing education, products, and services that get results.

Sam Bakhtiar
Also known as 7 figure Sam, he owns one of the best personal training facilities in the biz. He over delivers to his clients, gets incredible results, and is a local celebrity in his town. He provides to his clients what his competition can’t, and because of this he is absolutely crushing it. Sam is has even been able to get his own custom menus designed for local restaurants. And not just small mom and pop restaurants, he’s been able to do it with some of the biggest chains around.

Tyler English
Tyler is on the list because he went from the typical trainer at a gym to having a dominating boot camp business in less than a year. He is currently running an ultra successful six figure business, and is an all star who hustles and works harder than just about anyone else in the business. He’s crushed his market for general fitness and boot camps, and has ventured into the youth athletic industry. He’ll be at 7 figures with his business very shortly.

Wil Fleming & Ryan Ketchum
Wil and Ryan have made the list because they are two young guys who partnered up and have taken the fitness/ strength and conditioning industry by storm. Starting out in late 2008, they’ve built a business serving both fitness and strength and conditioning. Recently, Wil along with a few other top industry pros just released a high school strength and conditioning certification. What is interesting about Ryan is he has become one of the guys to go to when it comes to designing operating systems to run a business. Currently their business is on pace to reach 7 figures in the very near future.

Mike Mahler
One of the leading experts on kettlebell training for size and strength, Mike has built a reputation and business around the fact that he is an expert. He’s a contributor to some of the largest publications in the fitness industry, and has sold three best selling kettlebell DVD’s.Running in-demand workshops and living life aggressively has allowed Mike to build a successful brand, business, and reputation.

Ben Warstler
For anyone who says you can’t have a successful fitness business in a small town then Ben will prove you wrong. Ben’s become the local celebrity, and fitness guru in his market starting out in a town of just over 4,000 people. Now expanding and running multiple locations and facilities throughout the state of Vermont, he’s built a huge six figure business that has no end in sight. To top it off, Ben has just recently become a best selling author.

Tony Little
Tony is the crazy guy with the pony tail we all see on the home shopping networks and infomercials. Like Tony Horton (see above) he sells the majority of his products through infomercials and TV. Now some may ask why he is on the list. Well, Tony averages over 6,000 hours per year on tv, his infomercials have made more than $4 billion in sales, and over 40 million people own a product with his name on it. Anyone who can do that, definitely deserves to be on this list.

Gunnar Peterson
When ever you see a top celebrity and wonder how how they got into such great shape, chances are Gunnar was the guy who trained them. He’s made a name, a business, and a reputation by working with the top celebrities and athletes in the world. Because of this he is involved in several business opportunities, such as working with Gatorade, and Under Armor. To add to his list of accomplishments he has his own fitness product development company, and he’s even created products that have been listed with Guthy Renker, one of the worlds largest direct response television companies. From a celebrity trainer, to businessman, to author, Gunnar has created a brand empire that is second to none.

Carrie Kukuda
Not only having the most successful fitness business in her market, Carrie has had success by venturing into different niches. Not being one to work with just personal training clients, she has had success by also combining other services such as life coaching to make her business stand out. While building a great business, she took her experience and partnered up with Alicia Streger (see below). Together they created products to help fit pros save time, money, and expand their businesses.

Alicia Streger
Alicia has made the list for two solid reasons. One, she has a successful boot camp business with multiple locations and well over one hundred clients. The second reason is she is the co-creator of multiple products that help fitness pros design better training programs. With the success of these products she is sitting on a business that is exploding rapidly and has no end in sight.

Leanne Ellington
Leanne has made this list because she is a hustler, one awesome lady, and is absolutely crushing it with a mega successful multiple six figure business. She’s taken her personal story of her struggle with weight and turned it into an incredible story (the ex fat chick) of motivation to help others. Leanne is constantly expanding her business, a a contributing expert for Fitness RX magazine and one of the go to people when it comes to getting media attention for a business.

Antonio Valladares
Anthony being considered a veteran in the industry, is also one of the top entrepreneurs. He has his own personal training and consulting company, created functional group fitness classes for New York City’s top clubs , featured in some of the worlds large publications such asThe New York Times, and Sports Illustrated For Women, and focuses on helping women through holistic health, training and conditioning. Spending years focusing on helping others has put him on the map as one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs in the industry.

Jim “Smitty” Smith
Cofounder of the Diesel Crew, Jimmy has helped to build a super successful business by using a lot of non-convential training techniques for athletes. Jimmy is also an in-demand speaker, and contributor to Men’s Fitness. Also adding to his credentials is the success of his combat core product. This is one of the top selling fitness books on the internet. Using unconventional training to take athletes to the next level, and having multiple successful info products, has earned Jimmy a spot on the list.

Nate Green
Nate is a young guy who’s made quite a name for himself in a really short time. Just to mention a few of things he’s accomplished, he ran and then sold a successful fitness business, he’s written articles for some of the largest publications in the industry such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, STACK, and Testosterone Magazine. And one of his biggest accomplishments to date is he wrote and sold the popular book “Built For Show.” Nate is a young gun with a huge work ethic, and is already a game changer for the fitness industry.

Donovan Owens
Donovan aka “The Boot Camp Godfather” is another guy who has absolutely crushed it with his fitness business the past few years. Only a short time ago he was trying to build a successful business while working at Wal-Mart. He decided to leave that job and focus on growing his training biz. That is exactly what he did. From focusing on working with groups/boot camps to corporate fitness, he’s blown it up big time with multiple locations and a killer six figure business.

Jonas Deffes
Jonas is one of New Orleans top trainers and fitness biz owners.He started out back in 2004 and has now grown his business to multiple locations. He has other trainers running his boot camps, while he is focusing on the growth of his business. His success, determination, and willingness to do things his own way has brought his business to a multiple six figure level.

Scott & Angie Tousignant
Scott’s another guy who has been in the fitness industry for over a decade. In this time he’s developed a kick ass business with his wife Angie. He and his wife have focused on fat loss, and stay/work at home moms. Along with that they have produced some very successful products such as Unstoppable Fat Loss, and Fat Loss Quickie. This is a power couple who have major success and will continue to do so.

Susan Hill
Now some may be wondering who Susan is. Well, if you know anything about golf and fitness then you know Susan. She is the golf fitness guru. Susan has created a multi- million dollar empire based on following her passion. She has written over 16 books, produced over 20 websites, and has become an outsourcing guru which has helped to take her business to well over 7 figures.

Jillian Michaels
Jillian gained fame and popularity from the hit show “Biggest Loser.” Not only was she the top personality on the show, she was able to take her fame and turn into a multi-million dollar business and brand. She branched out and created multiple products, from dvd’s, to workout equipment, to nutrition products, and video games. But not only that, she continues to build her brand by appearing and working with other large businesses such as

Dave Tate
Dave, a world class powerlifter and founder of one of Elite Fitness Systems has taken his passion and turned it into a mega business. EliteFTS which his business is also known as, has become one of the larger strength and conditioning equipment businesses out there. He started his first month with $300 in sales and has now turned it into a multiple 7 figure business.

Josh Carter
Josh made the list because he took a fitness business that he considered a failure and turned it around by closing up shop with one location and opening another. The new location focused on training only. His business is now the number one fitness business in his market, and is on pace to reach 7 figures very soon. Josh also has multiple info products that add to his financial success.

Samantha Taylor

www.samanthataylor.comSamantha Taylor has made the list because she has one helluva story, and a killer business. Just a short time ago she had a business that was bleeding money, and she was personally had over $100,000 in credit card debt. It was at the point she was going to close. But in only 18 months she managed to turn things around and is now on pace to have a seven figure biz.

Nicki Anderson
Here’s a an awesome fitness pro who has seen it all, and done it all. Nicki has been in the industry for over 20 years. She’s built a great business by providing an incredible atmosphere with her clients, and getting great results for over 1,000 women. She was named IDEA Personal Trainer Of The Year in 2009, sits on the Entrepreneurial Advisory Boards for USA Today, CBI’s (IHRSA) Entrepreneur Magazine, and the advisory board for IDEA Fitness Journal Editorial. With her experience, she also consults with other fit pros on how to improve their fitness business, and is an author of several books on health, wellness, and the fitness industry.

Amanda Vogel
Amanda is on this list because she has made a huge impact on the industry not just for being a fitness professional, but for running a business that helps other fit pros improve the effectiveness of their marketing. She does this by helping them become better writers, and by helping them gain more publicity for their business. Along with helping other fit pros she is also a writer for some of the top publications such as Women’s Health, Oxygen, and Prevention Magazine.

Katrina Hodgson & Karena Dawn
Katrina and Karena are two fitness entrepreneurs who have had a ton of success in the fitness industry in a very short time. They created a monster brand called Tone It Up, have a packed studio, and are even best selling authors. Combining their unique personalities and sharing what they know through video, they’ve been able to market themselves as some of the top go to experts to help other women get in shape. Using their success, they are now even working with Fitness Icon Jane Fonda, in a new DVD series called “The New Faces Of Fitness.”

Zuzana & Frederick Light
You probably have seen Zuzana on youtube as the incredibly in shape woman who is always pumping out new video exercises for her fans. Her youtube channel created along with her husband Frederick has become the #1 fitness training channel on youtube having millions of viewers. Both Zuzana and Frederick have had success by combining sex appeal, insane workouts, and quality videos that have built a brand and business that is dominating youtube.

Elliot Hulse
Here’s a guy who’s made it big by doing what he wants when he wants. Elliot has found success by training and helping others as a strength coach. Using his facility and website as his main platforms he’s helped men not only get amazing results but also helped them live better lives. He’s not just a strength coach, he’s a guy who preaches that you follow your passion, and you can live the life you want. Following his own rule, he’s become on of the top fitness entrepreneurs in the industry.

Stephen Cabral
Stephen has the typical trainer story where he was working crazy hours and not making any money. He finally decided to change that. Stephen went on to not only make well over $100k a year as a personal trainer, but he ended up doing over $1,000,000 (million) dollars by the age of 29. From there he was hired to consult other fit businesses , and help other fit pros take their business to the next level. Doing over $50,000 per month out of his 500 square foot studio and, and helping others raise their game with their business, earns Stephen a place here in the top 100.

Kelli Calabrese
Here’s another fit pro that has not only been crushing it in business but she has had an influential impact on the industry. Kelli has owned and operated health clubs, founded an exam prep school, consulted for top companies such as Kellog’s, and consulted for some of the top fitness organizations such as the The Amercian Council On Exercise. Kelli has also appeared in most of the top media outlets in the world. In 2004 she was nominated as the Personal Trainer Of The Year (online training) by Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.

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